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It has come to my attention that the Gouldryck name, synonymous with producing  Pure German Rottweillers German of noted substance drive and temperament, is from my understanding, being misrepresented and exploited for commercial purposes in the Leicestershire area and interbred with non-German bloodlines. 


This has sadly occurred through a sequence of events that resulted in me lifting my statutory endorsements, against my better judgement, and a subsequent misappropriation of trust and goodwill.


I am an independent hobby breeder of worldwide repute, who has travelled extensively training and showing dogs most notably in the USA and with the A.R.V.  


Over a period of many years, I have brought into this country some of the top bred German Rottweiler’s , including world champions and top working titles. 

A member of the Assured Breeders Association, and answerable to the Kennel Club, when we do breed, we breed to purely German lines, a high code of ethics and stringent breed standards as all those who have a legitimate Gouldryck Rottweillers will attest. 


Each of my dogs carries a tattoo of authenticity in its ear, to identify my lines so ANY

dog without this irrespective of anything implied or stated is quite simply not a true Gouldryck Rottweiller and subsequently carries no endorsement, standing or association with our name. 


For the avoidance of doubt, I hold absolutely no breeding agreement either implied ,  arranged or associated with ANY other Rottweiller breeder in the United Kingdom.


I am justifiably proud of my breed reputation, standing and pure German heritage - and this will always be so. 


Thank you for your understanding of this unfortunate and sad situation.

However, if you need further clarification, please feel free to phone me on 07931840424

As qualified microchip implanters we offer home visits to microchip your litters or pets, all Chips implanted are registered with Smart chip part of the UK major database to help reunite you with your beloved pets

for more info please ask for Dave on 07931840424

Many years of breeding experience combined with a long in-depth knowledge of the breed and the very high standards we insist on when choosing our bloodlines consistently produce top award winning dogs for show, work, and family companionship. We pride ourselves on our success and are world-wide renowned for our quality dogs and of course our history demonstrates this, put simply we breed top quality beautiful healthy happy dogs that are a joy to own

At Gouldryck Rottweilers We offer the ultimate in German Rottweilers for the working and confirmation ring. Gouldryck Rottweilers is fortunate enough to own some of the highest quality dogs in the U.K, in addition to this we are also lucky enough to have owned Eros Von Burgthann, one of the worlds top producers in the breed. Eros's brother and full repeat breeding to Rick Von Burgthann, who is one of the most widely known Rottweiler males in the world. It is our pleasure to have incorporated such a fine stud dog into our breeding program, we are now breeding from Eros's progeny

Email:                       Tel: (0044) 07931840424

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